Bi-Annual Home Maintenance Checklist: Part II

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Bi-Annual Home Maintenance Checklist: Part II

Not every part of your home needs a monthly checkup. Perform these home improvement tasks just twice a year to keep your home healthy.

Inspect your attic and basement. Look for any cracks in the walls, deteriorating insulation, leaks or pests that could be causing harm to your home’s structure.

Clear your gutters and downspouts. A clogged gutter or downspout can lead to water backup, pooling moisture and the deterioration of your home’s siding and structure. Clean your gutters thoroughly with proper safety equipment to keep them functional.

Clean your refrigerator coils. Vacuum the coils on the back and bottom of your refrigerator to remove any buildup. This will allow it to operate more efficiently, leading to savings on your electric bill.

Annual Home Maintenance Checklist:

Small problems in your home can turn into major ones if you wait too long to address them. Complete these home maintenance tasks once per year to save money on down-the-line home repairs.

Clean your dryer vent. Lint that builds up in your dryer not only decreases performance but can actually be a fire hazard. Keep a brush handy and make cleaning your lint trap and dryer vent an annual routine.

Flush your water heater. Emptying your tank and filling it with fresh water is a great way to figure out your water heater’s health status. Maintaining your water heater might sound like an intimidating task, but by flushing it once a year, you can make that maintenance stress-free.

Inspect for termites. Checking your home for signs of wood damage and termites can help you avoid a major infestation. If you’re not quite sure how to check for termites, call in a professional. Ask about other preventative measures you can take to keep them out.

Trim tree branches. Cutting branches close to your home’s roof can help you avoid major storm damage the next time heavy rain and strong winds roll through.